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The Impact of Denim on the Environment and Sustainability in Denim

Denim has long been a staple of the fashion industry, cherished for its durability and timeless style. Yet, the production of this beloved material casts a long shadow on the environment, from water-intensive cotton farming to the chemical-laden dyeing process. As the fashion landscape shifts towards sustainability, it’s imperative to highlight those at the forefront of this transformation, such as our partner, Blackhorse Lane.

Sustainable Fashion Trends for Nurses
Sustainable Fashion Trends for Nurses: Look Good, Feel Good, Do GoodThe future of fragrance is now. 

Nurses, as well as other medical professionals, spend an inordinate amount of money on scrubs each year. By switching to more sustainable nursing uniforms, they could make a significant impact on the environment and do good for the planet as well as their patients.

Learn more about the latest sustainable fashion trends for nurses — as well as the importance of sustainable nursing uniforms — below.

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