Partnering with Cool Earth , Saving Rainforests, Changing Lives

"Helping Save Rainforests & Communities. Join us in supporting Cool Earth's mission to halt deforestation & climate change through sustainable livelihoods. #Conservation #RainforestProtection


Cool Earth's forest monitoring empowers indigenous communities with cutting-edge technology, safeguarding rainforests for future generations


Cool Earth's people-powered projects create sustainable solutions for rainforest conservation, empowering local communities for a brighter future.

Climate Action

Cooling our Earth starts with people living in rainforest. We believe supporting indigenous peoples are the key to fighting the climate crisis and securing a future for all of us.

Cool Earth Charity for Sustainable Discovery

Our Charity Partner

Sustainable Discovery is proud to Partner and collaborate with Cool Earth.

Sustaiable Discovery has chosen to support this charity, aligning strongly with our core beliefs on a  ‘net-zero-carbon future.’ To give back and protect the climate crisis the world is currently facing. Our mission is to drive and put sustainability at the forefront of our business and events and your support is invaluable. 100%  profit of all tickets sales from you, will be donated to fund Cool Earth’s mission to back and give cash direct to rainforest communities, as a people first charity, this will fund projects such as sustainable income generation and education and the people of the rainforest who know exactly what is needed to protect their homes.

"Your ticket purchase can make a difference! Join us at our sustainable fashion event and support Coolearth's mission to fight the climate crisis."

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Get Tickets for our Sustainable Shopping Event & Support Cool Earth!

Join us in supporting Cool Earth's mission to halt deforestation and climate change through sustainable livelihoods. 100% profit of ticket proceeds are donated to protect rainforests and empower communities. Secure your spot and make a positive impact!