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The future of fragrance is now. 

Though perfume has always been associated with pulling us back to our most precious memories, moments of our past we hold dear, Medeau is a fragrance brand which looks to the future. 

While searching for a luxurious scent that was safe to wear during her pregnancy, founder Alli Stubbings discovered the industry’s toxic secret: most fragrances contain ingredients called phthalates – used to artificially lengthen the life of a fragrance, and which can interfere with not only hormone levels, but your overall health. The only market alternative? ‘Natural’ fragrances. Though many brands shout about using natural ingredients or being environmentally friendly, Alli discovered ‘naturals’ can be highly allergic and, being harvested on an industrial scale, are completely unsustainable. This is where Medeau comes in. 

“We wanted to create incredible perfumes that uphold the same values and safety standards that you would expect from any truly luxury product  ingredients of merit, safety, and sustainability. Because what could be more of a luxury than to wear a perfume that smells beautiful without compromising your health or the planet?”

 Alli Stubbings, Founder

With formulations that take the best of nature and science, Medeau has developed fragrances that push beyond the industry buzzwords and trends and focuses on the consumer and the planet first. Using a blend of natural ingredients and bioidenticals which are more sustainable, as well as synthetics which are less irritating or harmful to the body,  Medeau has introduced four scents inspired by nature of you and which work in harmony with your body and the planet. 

Cruelty-free, vegan and environmentally sustainable, Medeau believes that every time you spray your favourite fragrance to reconnect with your most precious memories and emotions, it should never come to the detriment of your overall well-being. Created in collaboration with a true innovator of the fragrance industry, perfumer Azzi Glasser, Medeau’s fragrances are made to empower your own true nature, evoking your most precious memories, and creating new ones while feeling safer in your own skin. 

“Medeau are changing the face of fragrance”

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