Conscious Dog Parenting Tips, by Skylos Collective 

Conscious Dog Parenting Tips, by Skylos Collective

Sustainable fashion is a shift that is being embraced by consumers as awareness on the true cost of fashion industries grows. But have you ever considered how to weave your sustainability values into the care of your pet?

As the founder of Skylos Collective (Ella), I firmly believe we need to be making sustainable choices in all aspects of our lives. As a result, our collection of vegan apple leather collars, leads and accessories champions exactly that! 


The range is available in five vibrant colours to suit each dog for any occasion, and they are handcrafted here in England. The PETA approved vegan apple leather we work with is engineered from waste residues from the Italian juice industry. And, as transparency is a core component of our ethos – we showcase our production journey on QR codes on each product tag.

However sustainable dog accessories is just one way you can introduce more ethical choices into the lives of your beloved pets. Here are a few of my top tips:

  1. Food – where possible and in line with your dog’s needs, opt for sustainably certified products and if they are produced locally, even better!
  2. Always dispose of pet waste properly. (We stock dog poop bags which are made with oyster shell extract – explore here).
  3. Explore natural options for treating your dog’s ailments we recommend looking for natural and organic based dog shampoos and perfumes. These are normally kinder on the environment and gentler for your dog’s skin.
  4. If you are able to, opt for walking your dog locally at your nearest park, instead of always getting in the car to take your dog for a walk.
  5. Where possible choose dog products that do not use single use plastic. If there is an alternative with less packaging, this is often the better choice. And remember to always recycle!
  6. Taking a more apparel/textiles view on the situation here are some suggestions which you can test out:
  7. Use old blankets/towels for pets in their beds and for keeping them cosy, especially through the winter. It’s a great way to extend the lifecycle of the material.
  8. Buy pet accessories that will actually be used. Livia Firth’s 30 wear rule stands true even for our furry friends! Although that cute bandana/outfit/glittery lead is cool, try to ask yourself if you actually need it or will use it?
  9. Get creative with play time and pet toys – maybe you can plait your old jeans to make a rope pull toy?
Check this out for inspo but please be sensible about what your dog might eat and what is and isn’t a good idea for you and your pooch!).

It’s all about making choices that are conscious, you are able to commit to long term but that also fit with your lifestyle and needs. If you have any other sustainable tips to share, we would love to hear them – connect at

By Ella Peters, founder of Skylos Collective – the ethical canine atelier.