Exploring the Intersection of Art, Innovation, and Conscious Living

Sustainable Discovery 2024

Dancing, artistry and sustainable innovation came together under one roof to the iconic backdrop of Chelsea Town Hall

Taking place across an entire weekend in April, the Sustainable Discovery show brought together top sustainable entrepreneurs, speakers, and artists. 

Kings Road locals and event organisers, Elisha Carter and Jevz Krishn, were on a mission to create an event that helps on the journey towards a Greener Chelsea. Carter says: “We wanted to create something that encourages brands and consumers towards sustainable living with some artistic flair.”

Brands and Exhibitors

From sustainable haircare leaders like Selkie to artisan jewellery makers such as Alba to bespoke fabric and textile lifestyle products by ReFAB. Each exhibitor was a testament to the power of conscious consumerism. Carter says, ” For me, it’s about creating a show that collates bespoke, unique finds that are at home to the borough. But it’s more than that, it’s about creating an experience that resonates with authenticity and transparency.”

Each brand present over the show weekend goes through a thorough vetting process, meeting beforehand with the event organisers to ensure each brand ethos aligns with that of the show. Additionally, to avoid greenwashing and promote truly sustainable products, each brand undergoes a transparent vetting system called ESG, standing for Environmental, Social and Governance. This means they will be given a score which reflects the business’s impact on society, and the environment with only compliant brands being selected as partners and exhibitors. 

Live Performances

The event was set against a background of young creatives showcasing, through a variety of mediums, their passion for sustainability. The wonderful, Happy House Company, dance group brought energy and excitement to the day. Clad in denim from head to toe, the expressive dancers weaved in and out the stalls to the poignant song ‘Lets Stick Around’ by Gucci Soundsystem, Feat Jarvis Cocker, and Riton. Creating an impactful think piece for the event attendees.

Kerry Gibson, event speaker and collaborator says:

 “We believe in using art as a tool for environmental education. It’s about giving young people a platform to speak about these issues through mediums like dance.”

Expert Panels and Talks

In addition to the dancing, the day also gave us access to a variety of talks and panel discussions led by industry experts, delving deeper into the nuances of sustainable living. Including a panel discussion with Momoka Gomi, denim weave textile artist and Kerry Gibson on denim, the circular economy and how we can live more sustainably. While Margaret Ward of Claddagh Creative shared her journey of a mission to shatter unethical marketing boundaries by channelling the power of connection, creativity and community.

Looking to the future

Carter and Krishn are feeling amped up and excited about moving forward with the events only getting bigger and better. Carter says:

“The amount of people who understood what we were trying to achieve here and collaborate wholeheartedly was a pleasure to see and we can’t wait to take this energy moving forward.”

Author : Sophie Wetherall